Saturday, 5 September 2015

Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub

As a huge fan of body scrubs, I went a bit overboard at Boots and recently purchase four new scrubs... But the Sanctuary Spa Hot Sugar Scrub is definitely high up the list in terms of luxury, amazing scent and exfoliation.

Having never tried a hot scrub before, I was intrigued and quickly added the Sanctuary Scrub to my basket. It has the typical Sanctuary smell upon opening and remind me a bit of a thick, creamy milkshake in texture! Upon scooping out a handful and gently rubbing it into my skin, the warmth starts to come through and it gently heats up which feels lovely on my skin. The particles are quite abrasive and definitely help to exfoliated and get rid of any dry skin, especially on my legs and the backs of my arms.

After my shower, my skin feels very smooth, although not overly moisturised like some body scrubs I have tried in the past. It doesn't leave any moisturising residue or oil on my skin, so you definitely require a good thick body lotion afterwards if you suffer from dry skin. The scent lingers for a few minutes, but would probably last longer if layered with a Sanctuary body butter or lotion.

Currently on offer at £8 for a huge 400g tub, I will certainly be stocking up on some more of this. I just love that thermal, warming feel when you rub it into your skin. It will be perfect for those cold, winter nights!

Laura xx


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