Saturday, 15 August 2015

Ultrasun Face Anti-Ageing Sun Protection SPF 30

I ordered Ultrasun Face Anti-Ageing Sun Protection SPF 30 from Space NK after reading some amazing reviews. It also helped that Space NK sent through a £5 off and free express delivery voucher; it really takes even less than this for me to order something online, I'm easily persuaded!

Ultrasun offer numerous different products to protect your skin from the sun and as I'm getting older, I find it is even more important for me to use a good facial SPF to minimise ageing and those pesky pigmentation marks which have slowly started appearing; probably from my time in Australia where I was terrible at applying suncream... This ageing formula from Ultrasun also contains ingredients to combat fine lines and replenish any lost moisture - perfect for my dry and dehydrated skin.

When buying an SPF, I look for no white overcast, something that sinks in easily, a cream that allows me to apply my foundation over the top and a brand that is recommended by professionals. Ultrasun Face Anti-Ageing Sun Protection definitely ticks all of those boxes. I find one pump covers my face evenly without leaving that dreaded white, ghostly cast and afterwards, my primer and foundation sit perfectly over the top of it. I do find it quite a thick SPF, it's definitely not on the milky side like some I've tried, but this doesn't top it from rubbing in and there is no residue left on my skin which you can see from the above photos.

After a day at work, out in the sun or running around after my friend's children, my makeup is still in place, it hasn't smudged and there's no sight of redness or sunburn on my pale NC15/20 skin. Another great thing is that the Ultrasun SPF doesn't break me out as I seem to have an issue with certain ingredients in SPFs (I am looking at you No7 face creams with  SPF). No bumpy skin, no spots, no irritation, just hydrated, sunburn free skin!

At £20 a bottle, with a handy, hygienic pump top, I ordered in on 6th May this year, have used it daily and it is just starting to come to an end. So overall, I see that as very good value for money.

Laura xx


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