Thursday, 13 August 2015

Busy Bee Candles - Magik Beanz Hot Shots

As a huge candle lover, I was over the moon when I entered the Busy Bee Candles Twitter competition and won! And oh my goodness, in terms of scent and power, these have blown away every other candle I have tried - even my Jo Malone beauties!

The scents of the Magik Beanz Hot Shots are just unbelievable. After around five minutes of burning, the whole room is scented, along with most of the dining room! You can also mix and match the scents too which enables you to create your own unique smells. If you don't like anything overpowering, these are definitely not for you. I don't find the Magik Beanz Hot Shots headache worthy, just pure, delicious scent. 

Each little pot contains five 'beanz' which you place in the top of your burner; five = max scent, but it is advisable to use at least two. My favourite so far is Amazing Grace, but I also have a few more such as Asian Amber, Rain Water, Restful Sleep and April Showers on my wishlist which work out at £1.09 a pot. I'm also really interested in the original Magik Beanz too, which are not quite as strong as the Hot Shotz.

As I sit here typing this, I have Vanilla Honey Spice burning which is a beautiful rich, but sweet and spicy vanilla (as you would imagine from the name!). Not usually my cup-of-tea, but when I'm after a sweet treat like tonight, it helps to satisfy my cravings!

I definitely cannot wait to try more of the Busy Bee scents. I especially love that they're a UK company too, handmade in Wales. I always think it's great to support and offer recognition to UK brands, even if they were won in a competition which amongst blogging and beauty products, is another one of my obsessions!! 

Laura xx


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