Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Top 5 Tips on Relaxation*

The lovely people over at Victoria Plumb* sent me a gorgeous pamper basket full of little treats to pamper myself and to help me relax. This is vitally important at the moment as I am currently revising for exams which start next week. This includes Chemistry, Biology and Maths, all which I have studied over a 22 week period, so as you can imagine, there is an awful lot of information to remember.

Victoria Plumb* have some amazing sales and discounts available - I cannot wait to upgrade our bathroom with one of their walk-in-showers!

1. Pamper Time

My first tip is to have a bit of a pamper. Put on a facemask, paint your nails and jump into the shower or run a bath.

A few of my favourite products are from Origins, Una Brennan and Soap and Glory. Pampering to me does not mean you have to spend a fortune either. You can pick up lots of goodies from discounted stores or even from eBay and Beauty Blogger Facebook groups.

2. Reading

It doesn't have to be books, it can be magazines, blogs or newspapers. Reading helps me to retreat to another world. It enables me to forget about my stresses and worries.

The three books above are some of my all time favourites which I love.

 3. Light a candle

I absolutely adore candles and my collection is slowly growing. Unfortunately, I have finished my first ever Jo Malone candle and struggling to bring myself to burn the other two! The scent candles give off is divine, definitely enough to relax me. One I recently had from Sanctuary which was beautiful too, definitely worth the £12.50 price tag.

4. Countryside - Walking and Gardening

Getting out and about in the fresh air and countryside really does help to relax me; it is also great exercise and helps to keep me fit and healthy. When I start my Agricultural and Livestock Science degree in September, I'll probably be spending a lot more time outside.

This spring, I have also been spending more time out in the garden. We are growing garlic, green beans, tomatoes, courgette, sweetcorn, lettuce and spinach. I have also planted some kale, butternut squash and purple sprouting broccoli which will be ready to eat in autumn/winter. Growing my own veg really is satisfying, knowing that you grew what you're putting in your mouth from a seed. I am very luck in that we have a large garden and my own vegetable patch.

5. Cooking

This is definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I adore celebrating with friends by cooking and hosting dinner parties. Shopping for wine to pair with the food is always amazing (although I try and stick to wine on Friday and Saturday nights because of the calorie content and mixed reviews on your health). I love nothing more than spending long afternoon's in the kitchen, cooking up batches of food for the following week with the radio on and the cat at my side, the sun shining through the window. Again, a bit like gardening, knowing that I am eating something I cooked from scratch and made myself is really satisfying. Whilst cooking, it helps to take my mind away from the worries of the day and helps me to relax - it gives me something else to think about and enjoy.

What are your top tips for relaxing? Do you have anything in particular that helps you to wind down after a long week at work/university/school?

Laura xx


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