Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Since September 2014, I have probably experienced some of the toughest months of my life so far! I do not want to moan, complain or go into detail, but it has definitely made me a tougher and more resilient person. 

Hopefully, now back on the right track, finishing off my foundation degree, I have the summer to reflect upon the last nine months, enjoy the sun and spend my time filled with friends and family. And hopefully, that means my love for blogging can be reunited!

As a blogger, I always like to give my complete honest opinion on products and after a few major shopping sprees during the last few weeks and it has striked back up my love and passion for blogging/shopping/writing. I really can't wait to share some new and exciting products with you guys over the next few weeks and months.

Here is a few snippets from my life over the last few months, mainly from Instagram.

Some fantastic new Makeup Revolution Palettes. Having never tried their makeup before, I am extremely excited about posting a review and swatches. 

My last MeMeBox - sadly they no longer ship to the UK, but my love for Korean beauty boxes and beauty products is still very much alive!

The new Garnier Ultimate Blends which BzzAgent sent me. I didn't think much to the previous Ultimate Blends that I tried, but this stuff is really good. I especially love the one minute treatment (although I usually leave it on for two minutes).

Food and wine - two more of my favourite things!! Trying to be good, I want to lose a stone. But I can't help indulging now and again! The wines I got sent to try from #AldiWineClub and Tesco Wine Community (both delicious). Coffee - another thing that wins my heart!

Two healthy(ish) meals - Thai Red Curry not so healthy because of the coconut milk, but the courgetti with pan fried salmon, red pesto and tender stem broccoli is very calorie conscious. 

Lastly, we have a wine and cheese night. My downfall!!

Little Albus! The poor mite has a fractured leg, so he's stuck in a cage in the living room. He stole my heart when I moved to Leeds and I absolutely adore him. I will miss him so much now I've moved back to Nottingham.

A walk in my local park with my lovely red converse! 

My beautiful friend, Iben came to visit me from Denmark. It was absolutely amazing to see her and spend four fun filled days with her. (Hence the wine and cheese night!).

And lastly, my new New Balance trainers!! How super cute are these... Definitely should not have spent any more money, but I just couldn't resist the gorgeous floral pattern.

Hopefully it will not be long until I post again. Looking forward to getting my blog back up and running.

Laura xx


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