Thursday, 16 October 2014

Tom Ford Illuminating Powder

At £56 a pop, the Tom Ford Illuminating Powder is certainly not a cheap purchase! But is it worth the extra money when something like MAC Mineralized Skin Finish will set you back £23, or for the same price, you can pick up the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette which has rave reviews? In one word, no. I have never been so disappointed in a product before and can not believe I didn't just purchase the Hourglass Palette. Gutted! If this Tom Ford Powder had cost £10, I would have just thrown it into my makeup case along with other products I barely use, but at £56, I really did expect miracles.

Given the name of this, Tom Ford Illuminating Powder, I expected it to give my skin a non-powdery dewy glow, but I haven't found that at all. It is very silky upon application, but gathers on my nose and makes my face look very flat and matte. The brush that comes with it is terrible and because it is quite dense, it seems to smudge my foundation and cause streaks 

Tom Ford say that the powder 'diffuses imperfections and create radiant skin'. It is supposed to be 'weightless and undetectable', 'blending like a fluid on the skin', leaving a 'luminous finish'. Gosh, sounds perfect doesn't it? It is just such a shame it didn't live up to the description, especially with it being a 'premium' brand. It is honestly no better than drug-store powders that I have tried. Maybe I got a dud one past its sell-by-date, or maybe it just doesn't suit my skin. But either way, I will certainly not be investing another £56 into any Tom Ford product anytime soon!

Laura xx


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