Wednesday, 22 October 2014

KeraFiber Keratin and Argan Oil

KeraFiber Keratin and Argan Oil

KeraFiber Keratin and Argan Oil

KeraFiber Keratin and Argan Oil

After having to have around 5 inches of hair cut off due to the damage some prescription medication had done, I was absolutely gutted. But decided to really put the effort in to keep it healthy as I didn't want to have anymore cut off, despite it being the medication that caused the initial damage, straightening it, not using heat protector or any nourishing products probably didn't help.

I was really excited about trying KeraFiber* who specialise in hair thickening products and hair fibres, opting to try the Keratin and Argan Oil* (£29.95) which is designed to hydrate, nourish and restore health and shine to your hair.

As someone with fine, naturally blonde hair, I do have to be careful when it comes to using products which are designed to hydrate and nourish as my hair quickly becomes weighed down and greasy. Even some conditioners make my hair lank and copious amounts of dry shampoo have to be used! Texture wise, the Keratin and Argan Oil is very runny, yellow in colour and light in texture. I use around 4 pumps, smoothing it through my damp hair after a shower.

After I've smoothed it through my hair, I'm able to easily run a comb through it, as it does get a little wild in the shower, especially as I try to limit my conditioner usage. Once I've blow-dried my hair, KeraFiber's Keratin and Argan Oil leaves absolutely no residue and does not weigh my hair down which I think is an absolute first (apart from Kérastase that my hairdresser uses). My hair feels a lot smoother and I'm able to easily run my fingers through it. I can't say I've noticed a huge difference to the overall texture and damage over the last 4 weeks, but I don't believe that any product can help to restore hair that is already damaged.

After using it everyday for the last four weeks, I've used around 1/5th of the bottle which I think it very good value for money, although if I did repurchase, I would definitely like the option of a smaller bottle because as a full time student, paying out £29.95 on a hair oil does seem very expensive. But overall, I am very impressed, especially with the fact it doesn't weigh down my fine hair.

Just to let all my readers know, KeraFiber have provided me with a special discount code. At the checkout, if you enter LIFELIPSTICK the price will go from £29.95 to £19.95 with free shipping. Bargain!

Laura xx

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