Monday, 25 August 2014

East Bridgford Hill Wedding - 9th August

On Saturday 9th August, my lovely friend and her fiance, Philip, tied the knot and got married at East Bridgford Hill in Nottinghamshire. I have been absent for a few weeks (months!) now, but I promise I will be back. For now, I wanted to share some photo with you of the big day.

Life has really taken me away over the summer, every weekend has been filled with days out, weekends away, great food, lots of wine and good company and during the week, I've been temping Monday - Friday 9am till 5pm. Because of this, my blog has taken a back burner.

However, good news is on the horizon! I finish work and have three weeks off before I move to Leeds and start my foundation degree. So hopefully, after this, I will have more time on my hands at weekends, especially now the days appear to be getting shorter and the weather miserable.

Three of my lovely friends and me on the end in my lovely maxi dress from H&M.

Giant Jenga! 

Me playing Giant Jenga...

.... Although I wasn't too good at it!

My friend's gorgeous niece. Super cuteness!

Sweet and savory scones during the afternoon.

The welcoming black board.

The bunting that I made for the wedding. This was just a small proportion of it,

More bunting!

Me and my wine (of course!)

Favours on the table.


The happy bride.

A bit of a blurry bride and new husband. At this point, I think I had had a little too much wine...

The bride and her cute niece.

And lastly, the bride up on stage with the band helping them with the singing!!

Laura xx


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