Saturday, 26 April 2014

Top 10 Beauty Products for Spring

Everyone needs super smooth feet for the spring, especially when your sandals come out. Scholl Velvet Smooth Intense Serum* £6.99 from Boots is super lightweight, doesn't leave any reside and is extremely hydrating.

Fake Tan
I know not everyone who reads my blog will agree with fake tanning and I agree too that sometimes, embracing your natural, pale skin is best. But, seeing as I have two weddings to attend in the summer, I do not fancy getting out my pale, milk bottle legs! Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer £11.29 from Superdrug is designed for pale skin, it literally leaves that just caught the sun look and definitely no orange, I've been fake tanning for months!

Hair Removal
Hair removal is the bane of my life! Someone recommended that I try laser hair removal, but as a full time student, I just couldn't afford the costs. I have an epilator which is okay, but I don't find it catches all the hair on my legs and is too painful to use anywhere else. Waxing is also too expensive and hard for me to maintain as a student, so I opt for shaving. Probably the least effective method when it comes to regrowth, but at the minute, it works for me. I have found Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Razors £4.59 from Boots for four the most cost effective and long lasting. I love the Gillette ones too, but they're just so pricey. 

Before you start fake tanning, exfoliating is a must. This is where the Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream £22.50 from Boots comes in. It is absolutely amazing! You can read my full review here.
Moving onto the face, I am currently loving Clinique Exfoliating Scrub £18.50 Boots which I use once a week. It helps to slough away dull and dry winter skin and leaves my face feeling smooth and soft. My full review is here.

Skin Care
In the spring, I like to put away all the super rich moisturisers that I used in winter and change my routine a little bit. I up the use of my SPF (as I am terrible for remembering in winter!) and use a lighter day and eye cream. Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25 £17 from Boots is amazing, although it is quite thick and almost feels like a moisturiser. Although oil free, I would be cautious if you have oily skin; less is more with City Block.
Moisturiser wise, I move back onto my Botanics All Bright Day Cream £4.99 from Boots which is simply divine! You can read my full review on the All Bright range here.
Eye cream, another essential now I am heading towards 30 is a must all year round. And another product from Clinique - I sure am loving Clinique at the moment! During the winter, I use the All About Eyes Rich, but in the spring, I switch back to Clinique All About Eyes £25 from Boots which is lighter and has a more gel like texture. I have written a full review here. 

Body Care
In the winter, I use lots of rich body butters to nourish my dry skin, so in the spring, I like to opt for something lighter. The Botanics Nourishing Body Oil (which I think has been discontinued, nooooo!) is nourishing, but very light on my skin. It still hydrates, but doesn't leave a rich, sticky feeling that body butters can do in warmer weather. I am now going to be on the lookout for a new body oil, but have already seen quite a few reviews on the Garnier one, so may have to make a sneaky purchase!

Glow Getter
Seventeen Skin WOW 3 Way Highlighter £5.99 from Boots
To me, spring skin is all about being dewy, glowy and natural. In order to achieve that, my skin definitely needs a huge boost as it's usually quite dull and grey, especially after winter. This Seventeen Highlighter works great mixed with foundation or applied as a primer to give my skin an amazing, radiant finish. It works great on my pale skin, but I would imagine if you were darker than around a MAC NC25, it might look too much on your skin.

Wow, after putting this together, I am rather shocked at the amount of Clinique items I have favourited for spring as I certainly wouldn't have classed myself as a huge Clinique fan. This review says otherwise!

Laura xx


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