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Boots Botanics All Bright Skin Care Range

Boots Botanics All Bright Skin Care Range

The Boots Botanics All Bright range is a budget skin care range with a variety of products designed to brighten your skin using hibiscus. Hibiscus is a natural, plant and flower based emollient, containing vitamin C which is great for softening the skin. Apparently, hibiscus is a natural botox which can firm and smooth out wrinkles on all skin types. All of the products contain natural AHA's from plant extracts, so they're designed to act as a mild exfoliator, therefore brightening and smoothing the skin.

I have been using the All Bright range on and off for around two years now. The Day and Night creams are my go-to skin care products for summer when my skin isn't as dry. I use the toner every 2 - 3 days, alternating with a hydrating toner from Bobbi Brown. The All Bright Cleanser is one I use when I am having a lazy evening or if I've been out drinking and too tired to follow my usual cleansing regime.

The All Bright Cleanser is a cleaning cream which is quite runny in texture. It does a great job of removing my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft, without a horrible, greasy residue like some cleansers.

Moving onto the All Bright Toner, this is a strange coloured liquid designed to cleanse and purify your face. It does contain alcohol (eekkk), but I don't tend to find it dries out my skin. I literally swipe this over my face after my evening cleanse and follow with a good serum and moisturiser.

The Day and Night creams have a lovely, light texture while remaining hydrating and have a gorgeous, natural scent (think of a fresh garden or countryside), but are definitely not overpowering and only leave a slight hint of scent on the skin. The Day Cream contains an SPF 15 with five star UVA protection which is perfect, although I still like to top up with my Clinique City Block, and sinks into the skin amazingly, creating the ideal base for makeup. The Night Cream is thicker in texture and a little richer, as you would expect in a night cream. Again, in sinks into my skin easily, within minutes and leaves no greasy residue. 

Botanics recommend that the range is suitable for normal to dry skin. If you have oilier skin, the Shine Away range may be a better option, although I have never tried any of the Shine Away products before.

Combining and using the four products together, I can not see that I have noticed a huge difference with regards to the brightening effect, but having used the products for such a long time, I can vouch for their cleansing, smoothing and hydrating properties. Definitely my go-to budget skin care range, that I would pick up over Garnier, L'Oreal, Nivea and The Body Shop, and often cheaper too!

The range can be picked up from Boots.com and is currently on offer. Cleanser - £2.66. Toner - £2.66. Day Cream - £3.33. Night Cream - £3.33.

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