Monday, 17 March 2014

Primark Haul

Here is a sneak peek of what I picked up at Primark with full photos of each individual item lower down in the post.

I love seeing Primark hauls because I think what you buy completely depends on the day, the Primark store you visit and your actual mood. I spent almost two hours (!!!) wandering around my local Primark store in Nottingham. I had a brief idea of what I wanted before I went in - jeans and a new duvet set, but the other things I picked up were all on a whim after seeing them in the store. Really, I should have just stuck to the jeans and bedding, as I'm not sure my budget could really stretch to the rest...

Primark Floral Double Duvet Cover Set
Floral Double Duvet Cover Set - £12

My dad said that this was horrible and looked like something an old person would buy from Laura Ashley. I was actually quite chuffed that he thought it looked like Laura Ashley and went away feeling quite pleased! I currently do have a 100% cotton and 100% silk duvet cover from Laura Ashley which I purchased around 6 years ago, so this is the first time I have replaced it! I bought the LA bedding (including a £200 throw!!!!) when I split up with my ex, alongside a duck down duvet and two duck down pillows from John Lewis. Spending that amount of money on bedding now, makes me cringe. I could have had a holiday for the amount I spent in one sitting on bedding.

Primark Floral Double Duvet Cover Set
A close up of the pretty 'Laura Ashley' esque pattern, according to my dad

Primark Pink Single Fitted Sheet
Pink Single Fitted Sheet - £5

Ideally, I would have liked a deep fitted sheet as my mattress is very thick, but Primark didn't stock them and I just wanted a sheet so that I could change my bedding tonight.

Primark Disney Kermit the Frog Pyjamas
Disney Kermit the Frog Pyjamas - £10

Primark Disney Kermit the Frog Pyjamas

Primark Disney Kermit the Frog Pyjamas

Primark Disney Kermit the Frog Pyjamas

As a pyjama addict, I could have easily bought five pairs of pyjama's (thank goodness that most of them were sold out in my size!). These Kermit ones are very cute and really comfortable.

Primark Ultra Soft Super Skinny Jeans
Ultra Soft Super Skinny Jeans in Blue and Black - £11 each

After trying so many pairs of skinny jeans, I always come back to Primark's. I think I even prefer them more than Topshop Leighs. (The price also does help). They are super soft, very stretchy, but hug you tight - I hate baggy jeans on my bum or thighs. My only niggle is that each pair seems to be a slightly different shape or size. I used to be able to fit in a size 10 in these, but suddenly, the shape seems to have changed and I can't get a size 10 pulled up over my hips! Sometimes, the size 12's are too big though, so I have to try on a good few pairs to get the right fit which can be a pain.

Primark Cotton Tote Bag
Cotton Tote Bag - £1.50

I'm not a huge fan of those brown paper Primark bags and find they always snap, so grabbed this at the till area when I was paying.

Black Primark Sunglasses
Black Sunglasses - £1

I bought a pair of these sunglasses last year, and they're still going strong, but the lenses are terribly scratched. I was so pleased when I saw that they were available again this year as the simple style and shape really suit me. I picked up two pairs of these.

Primark Luxury Flannels
Luxury Flannels - £2.50

A girl can never own too many flannels, so for the cheap price of £2.50, I picked up a pack of three.

Primark Cobalt Blue Wedges
Cobalt Blue Wedges - £10

I can't for the life of me wear heels. After an hour, I'm hobbling around and complaining about my feet! I have two weddings to attend this year, so picked these up not because I really needed them, but in case I couldn't find anything else to wear for the weddings. At £10, I really couldn't say no. I wanted the coral pair, but they had sold out in my size.

Now I just need to find a dress that will go with them...

Primark Cobalt Blue Wedges

Primark Cobalt Blue Wedges

Primark Black Wedges
Black Wedges - £10

As the last pair of black wedges in a size 6 left of the shelf, I had to pick these up. I knew if I hadn't bought them, in a few months I'd be regretting it. I do however already own two more pairs of black wedges... But I'm sure these will see me through the summer (along with my other two pairs!).

Primark Pastel Bobbles
Pastel Bobbles - £1

Another one of those products a girl can never have too many of. I seem to loose bobbles like there's no tomorrow. I must get through a 10 pack (usually from Boots) every few months. It's almost like a bobble monster comes and steals them from me every night!

I really do love Primark, our Nottingham branch is great and always seems to stock lots of good stuff. I am excited about moving to Leeds in September though and shopping at the Leeds Primark store - I hope their store is just as good!

Laura xx


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