Saturday, 1 March 2014

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo - A Review

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo
Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo | Boots | £17

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo

I bought this clarifying shampoo after reading all the hype about it on other people's blogs and decided that my fine hair needed something each week to remove the product build up as my hair often becomes heavy and flat.

The consistency of the clarifying shampoo is very thin, not thick and rich like other shampoos that I use and I find it hard to control how much I pour out. I have to put it straight onto my head after pouring some into my hand because of the thin texture. A little bit however, does go a long way and it seems to lather well. After rinsing it from my hair, my hair really is squeaky clean, so you can actually feel that it's removed any product build up! It's a great idea to use before a deep conditioning mask so that it can really penetrate your hair.

It does strip my hair completely and leaves it feeling quite dry and coarse, so you really need to finish with a rich conditioner or a deep conditioning mask to add some moisture back into your hair.

For £17, this is certainly a luxury buy and even though it really does feel like it's removing product build up and leaving my hair super duper clean, I'm not sure I can justify spending another £17 on a bottle and currently on the hunt for a cheaper alternative to help my heavy and flat hair. If I had a full time job, earning a decent salary, I would certainly repurchase, but as a full time student, I have to watch the pennies!

Do you use a clarifying shampoo? Can you recommend any particular brands?

Laura xx


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