Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lush Mini Haul

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo |  £6.75 for 115g

I constantly suffer from dry hands and cuticles, but the Sally Hansen cuticle oil that I was using just wasn't moisturising enough, so I picked up this on a recent trip to Lush. I only went in to buy a facemask (which they didn't have!) and came away with two products I didn't really need!

So far, I am enjoying using this; it's certainly helping my dry cuticles. I'm happy to do a full review if anyone is interested.

I have used the No Drought Dry Shampoo on around four occasions now and I think the bottle is going to last forever as you only need such a small amount. I'm really undecided whether I like this or not. It works really, really well on absorbing any oil at my roots and has really helped to revive my hair when it's needed a wash, but the container is terrible, I get the powder everywhere and find it really difficult to shake out only a small amount, so a lot gets wasted. It's also made my hair really dry and even though I'm blonde, it's such a pain to brush out and seems to stick to my scalp which takes a lot of rubbing to remove. 

However, aerosol  dry shampoos really irritate my scalp and make me itch which this one doesn't. It also is very, very fine, and it doesn't leave any powdered residue behind (it just colours my hair and scalp white!). When using my traditional aerosol dry shampoo, if I run my fingers through my hair during the day, they'll be left covered in a horrible white powder and it also covers my clothes, especially on dark jackets around the collars. The Lush one, I have found, doesn't do this which is fantastic. It also smells amazing!

Laura xx


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