Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Birthday MAC Haul

It was my birthday on 4th February and I normally always ask for money so then I can treat myself to products/items that I really want. I decided to splash out and buy some MAC products, so here is what I bought!

MAC Nylon | As you can see, I've already used this quite a few times! 

 MAC Wood Winked | I'm not sure what happened to this, but the plastic was missing from the packaging and I think something dented it : (

MAC Knight Divine | I loved this colour in the pan, but since trying it on, I'm not sure whether I like it. It comes out very blue on my eyes.

MAC Club | I have this in a limited edition palette and love it. I've nearly hit the pan on it so wanted to repurchase.

MAC Naked Lunch | I picked this because of the amazing reviews online, but when I wear it, it's very, very pink and makes me look extremely tired. I don't think I'll be using this one again. : (

MAC Gentle Mineralized Blush and MAC Peachtwist

MAC Peachtwist | I love this and think it'll be great for summer teamed with a lovely bronzer.

 MAC Gentle | I wanted dainty but it was out of stock so picked up this one instead. It's okay, but very similar to a few other blushers that I own, especially my Bobbi Brown one, they almost look identical on.

Have you bought anything from MAC recently? Are there any products you recommend?

Laura xx


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