Wednesday, 5 February 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge - Post Three - Most Loved Books

I signed up to the #2014BloggerChallenge and so far, I am really enjoying meeting the other 407 bloggers who are taking part. I want to take this time to personally thank all of my new followers for their commitment to my blog.

So here is post three.

Gabby writes:
"My blog is full of beauty reviews, so why not mix it up a bit? I thought this time we could all post about a book. This is something I, personally, have never done, and I know I would really love to so I thought we should make it part of this challenge.

The book can be anything, by any author and you could have read it last week or had it read to you when you were a toddler, it really is up to you. Just share your most loved (or maybe hated) book."

I don't want to write a huge, long review on my favourite book as everyone has different preferred genres, so  I've decided to just display some of my favourite books, linking them to Amazon should you wish to know more about their storyline.

These three books are ones that really stick out in my mind as being the best, most interesting books I have read. I have read many other books which have also been fantastic reads, but these three in particular really stick with me.

I have read around 1/4 of Khaled Hosseini's third book, And the Mountains Echoed, but I just couldn't continue reading it like I could the first two. I found it boring and it didn't hold my attention.

Can you recommend any good books?

Laura xx



  1. I'm so gonna look out this 3 books when I go to my nearest bookstore. And have you read 'Eat Pray Love'? I heard it is really good novel to read. But sadly, I still can't find that novel here :\

    Little Beauty Lashes

  2. A piece of cake is one of my favourite books! Love it and have read it about a thousand times! xx

  3. I've read Kite Runner and loved it. But iI've not even heard of the others, so will go over and check them out, as I've almost finished my current book (The Girl You Left Behind, Jojo Moyles).

    I'm also part of the #2014BloggerChallenge and posted about my favourite book of 2013 - I Am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes:

    Victoria, x

  4. Oh this is a lovely thing to read, book suggestions are so hard to come by because everything is so subjective! I've always wanted to read A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner, may pop over to amazon to order them! I'm currently reading A-Z by Zadie Smith, it's a grungy modern read full of sarcasm and bite- it's really really good! X

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale


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