Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Plans, Achievements, Hopes and Goals for 2014


On the 2nd of January, I will be heading to Bournemouth to spend a long weekend with my friend, Heather, her lovely fella and her two gorgeous dogs who I will take plenty of photos of! We're going to a spa day, will eat plenty of food, drink plenty of wine and do a spot of shopping.

My major plan for January is to loose the 8lbs I've put on recently and to tone up. I want to eat a lot healthier again, as I've really noticed a difference in December to my health and skin since I've been eating a diet high in saturated fat. As a sufferer of endometriosis and now IC (interstitial cystitis), I need to get back on track as my symptoms have worsened in December leaving me in pain, feeling sluggish and bloated.

It also marks a trip back to the hospital to talk about my IC with my consultant. I'm really worried about what he'll say and how we'll move forward. But need to remain positive.


February will bring round my 27th birthday. Hopefully, some birthday celebrations will take place, alongside lots of alcohol and naughty food!


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As March approaches, spring will slowly be here. Spring marks the birth of lambs, and I hope to help once again with lambing at my University. This is something I really enjoyed last year, it's such an amazing experience helping to deliver a lamb.

April brings Easter, the proper start of spring. Having two weeks off from studying in April, I hope to be able to visit Bournemouth once again.


My friend's hen do will be the main attraction of May, heading away to a cottage in the Peak District, she has lots of amazing, vintage themed plans for her three day hen do. Very excited about this and seeing all her plans finally coming together.


June marks the graduation of my level 3 BTEC. I will be so sad to finish as I have enjoyed studying so much, but it doesn't mark the end, it marks the beginning of more studying and exciting times to come.

During June, I hope to secure a full time job which will take me through the summer. I'm not sure yet what job I hope to apply for, I'd be happy with anything really.

My friend and I are also planning another trip to Manchester, this time, we'll be shopping for holiday clothes because she's jetting off on holiday in August.


Hopefully, in July, I will be heading back to Copenhagen for a long weekend, visiting my friend, Iben. Last year, I went in September and loved every minute of it.


On August 9th, I will be celebrating one of my best friend's weddings. I cannot wait to celebrate her wedding with her and I am so excited that she's finally found 'the one'.

August also marks Mae's 5th birthday and Joe's 2nd, two of my best friend's children.


September marks another wedding, my friend Tom and his fiance are getting married here in the UK. They both live over in Australia and I haven't seen them both for over three years. It will be fantastic to see them get married, I was over the moon when I received my save the date card!

My friends and I are planning a long weekend away for September, although we're not sure where just yet. I would love to visit somewhere in Europe that I haven't been to before. I've never been to Italy, but my friend and her fella are visiting there over the summer, so I'm not sure she'll want to go twice.

September will also mark the month I start University, providing I get accepted! I have applied for a Science foundation degree. It may also mark me moving on from my parent's house, depending on where I get accepted and which University I choose to attend.

September also marks the first birthday of my friend's gorgeous daughter, Ezmae.

October will be my first full month studying at University. I hope to meet lots of new friends, join a few societies and really settle into University life.

November doesn't really mark anything yet as I don't have any major plans, but I hope that I'll have many more exciting things to add, later into the year.


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This month, I hope to wind down from University and relax ready for Christmas! I hope to eat plenty of mince pies and Christmas puddings and drink plenty of wine.

Laura xx


  1. wow that's quite an eventful year!! good for you!! ^^

  2. I know! I always think it's nice to plan things and have things to look forward to.
    Laura xx

  3. Happy new year, I went to copenhagen in August and I loved it x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Thank you, Heather. Copenhagen is beautiful isn't it?

      Laura x


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