Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lush UltraBland Facial Cleanser - A Review

After being recommended the Lush UltraBland Facial Cleanser by my friend (apparently "it's amazing, it removes double wear and any other makeup without any harsh rubbing"), so I decided to trial it. I went for the 45g pot for £6.95 in case I didn't like it.

Lush say 'A rich, soft, oily cleansing cream that cares gently for all skin types.' I was worried as it's oil based that it will break me out, or clog up my skin. I have very sensitive, dehydrated skin that is prone to breakouts. Having finally found a routine for my skin that doesn't irritate it, (see my night time routine here), I was a little bit worried about trying it.

From the above photos, you can see the rich, butter like texture which melts into an oil based cleanser when rubbed into the skin. To me, I had to use a good sized blob in order for me to really feel it was working and to spread it around my face. I've read quite a few reviews and people said they only needed a small, 10 pence sized blob. This certainly isn't enough for me as I don't like to be scrimping and trying to spread it around my whole face, I like my face to feel covered in cleanser.

After massaging it into my skin, I use a flannel or a muslin cloth to remove the cleanser. The flannel certainly works better at removing it as the muslin cloth just seems to get caked in the cleaner and it's very hard to rinse out under water, whereas the flannel seems to absorb more of the product and it's easier to rinse off.

My skin feels very hydrated and lovely after removing the product; not at all dry like most cleansers, this is probably because it is oil based with the main ingredient being almond oil.

I've been using it for around two - three weeks now and can't say I've had any major breakouts, which is amazing. I have had a few little spots pop up along my jaw, but think this is more down to my terrible diet over christmas and the amount of alcohol I've been drinking!

Using a toner afterwards, there's hardly anything left (makeup wise) on my skin and the cotton wool pad is completely clean.

So far, I've been enjoying using it, especially after investing in a flannel rather than a muslin cloth. I can't say it's my HG cleanser, as I've yet to find that. But I will probably repurchase once I've finished the tub.

Laura xx

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