Thursday, 5 December 2013

The New FREE Beauty & Fashion Magazine


Clique is a new concept and is completely free to sign up to. It's a fashion and beauty magazine, completely one of a kind which gets sent to your door each month. They only have a limited number each month, so if you're not lucky enough to receive the actually glossy magazine, you'll receive one electronically.

This is taken from the Clique website:

  • Launching in November, Clique is a free monthly print magazine that lets readers unlock hidden content and benefits, shop directly from the page and build their own digital ‘handbag’, storing everything they like from the magazine, and accessible. Anytime, anyplace and on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile).
  • Digital ‘handbag’ contents can be shared, and special offers, rewards & incentives can be regularly added to your bag based on all your favourite brands, features and articles from the mag.
  • 100 page glossy format with up to the minute fashion, beauty and lifestyle news, trends, features, celebrity style and inspiration.
  • Limited print edition delivered for free directly through your door or inbox, also available for free on tablet and web.
I've signed up as it all sounds like a great idea. I love reading magazines, but these days, don't have a lot of cash to splash, so this sounds like a great idea!

Laura xx

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