Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Night Time Routine

I have combination dehydrated/normal skin which is acne prone. After trial and error, I finally have a night time routine that doesn't break me out or irritate my skin.

1. I use these face wipes to quickly wipe off any initial foundation/powder and blusher so that my cleansing cloths do not get as dirty as normal and to remove excess product.

2. To remove my eye makeup, I absolutely love this stuff. It works so quickly and effortlessly.

3. This cleanser is just okay. I'm sort of just using it so it gets used up. I haven't really notice any difference with using it on my skin. Although one good thing is that it hasn't broken me out. I think I brought it on offer one month, quite a few months ago now as this is the older bottle. Overall, it smells okay, feels okay and doesn't make my skin taught.

4. I do really like using this product, it's one of my favourite toners. It feels refreshing and always makes my skin look a little bit glowy after using it. At £17 for 150ml though, it is on the expensive side and I'm not 100% convinced that it really does anything for my skin. Again, it doesn't break me out which gives it thumbs up.

5. Up until recently, I've never used an eye cream. I went on a panic one Saturday when shopping in Boots and decided to pick this up with the £5 off voucher. So far, I like it. I haven't seen any results as of yet, but hopefully prevention is the best way! It rubs in easily, it doesn't cause those little white bumps under the skin and isn't too rich that I can't put my makeup over it.

Audi Lacura Q0 Renew Serum | £4

6. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the texture and smell of this. I much prefer the Aqua Complete which is more of a gel like texture. This is more of a cream texture and I don't find that it hydrates my skin as much as the Aqua Complete. I use this in the evenings and the Aqua Complete in the mornings. I'll carry on using it until it's gone, but will repurchase the Aqua Complete in the future.

7. You're probably sick of hearing/seeing this stuff now. But I love it! At the moment it's on offer at £3.89, usually £4.99 and on 3 for 2 quite regularly. It sinks into your skin beautifully, it leaves no residue and it makes dehydrated skin look and feel so much more hydrated. It's the best night time cream I've ever tried, easily beating creams costing £30+. 

8. This is usually instead of steps 6 and 7. I use this once a week if my skin needs an extra moisture boost. I've also been using it every night on my nose as I have a bad cold and laryngitis (great stuff!) and it's been working a treat. My nose would usually look red and flaky, but you can't tell that I've had a cold at all. Again, doesn't break me out although I have read that it can with some people. If you're unsure go to an Origins counter and ask for a free sample to try before you buy the full size. 

For Christmas, Boots are also stocking The Origins Mask Marvels Set which contains three 75ml face masks; Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask and Drink Up Intensive 10 Minute Hydrating Mask for £25.

Laura xx


  1. So glad I found your blog
    A great routine I have combination oily ane prone skin a nightmare lately just so reactive

    1. Thank you! Acne prone skin is a real pain :-(
      Laura x


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