Monday, 5 August 2013

Crazy Beauty Haul!

Hey guys,

I've been spending some major money recently and not saving any of it... Here are the latest products to add to my list. Reviews will follow in due course when I have a spare 5 minutes...

I absolutely adore the smell of these. They're actually a present for my friend's birthday, but still a recent purchase. The lotion is nice and moisturising to say it's only a lotion and not a cream and the smell lasts for ages.

I've read so many good reviews about the Body Exfoliating Cream that I decided it's time to splash out. I've been using a microdermabrasion one from The Sanctuary recently which I loved, so we'll see if this lives up to that.

The mascara was brought as I'm sick of my mascara running under my eyes and making my dark circles look even worse. I'm hoping this will stay put, but that it'll be easily removed with warm water as per the website instructions.

On the search for a new exfoliator, I was either going to purchase Origins Microdermabrasion or the Clinique 7 Day Scrub, but then I came across this product. I love the fact it contains 30%  glycolic acid which my skin loves and always looks revived after using products containing it. This has mixed reviews, but I think it'll work well with my skin type. Very expensive purchase if it doesn't work, but i'll still use it.

I've read soooo many amazing reviews on this product. Every site I visit people are raving about this product. My hair is very thin and lacks volume, especially straight after washing. I'm hoping this might give some omph! This is one I'll certainly do a review on.

I'm not really sure if this is going to work, or how it'll help my combination normal/dry but spot prone skin. I'm hoping it won't dry it out too much and that it'll help with the spots and congestion around my jaw line. This is one I'll review.

I like that this is soap free and quite moisturising which is ideal for my dry/combination skin. I've used it before and it's a product I keep going back to.

MAC Strobe Cream 30ml - £12.50

Not 100% sure why I ordered these two products! The blusher is so similar to a Smashbox one I have, if a little bit peachier and I'm not 100% sure if the strobe cream will brighten my skin. I usually wear Estee Lauder Double Wear which I find extremely drying and very matte, so I thought this might give my skin a bit of a boost. I'm going to try mixing it with the double wear before applying it too and then stippling the products onto my moisturised skin.

The blush is gorgeous and extremely pretty, but do I really need another blush? Not really!

This is the second purchase of my Halo powder but in the next shade as I have a little bit of colour since the sun has been out.

The Photo Op Under Eye Brightener is great and something I've tested before in Boots. Under my eyes at the moment, after working 7 days weeks for goodness knows how long, are very dark and concealer just doesn't cover it.

Been in love with Melondrama Lipstick for so long. It's a gorgeous peachy orange. Doesn't have amazing staying power, but looks lush!

I have a love hate relationship with Double Wear. I love that it stays on my skin ALL day, any day, no matter what the weather, but I hate the drying and taught feeling it gives my skin.

On the basis of the above, I decided to also try a MAC Pro Longwear Foundation to see whether this will give the same coverage as Double Wear, but without the drying and very matte finish. Didn't really read any reviews on this, just liked the fact it was a longwear foundation and though, oh, sod it!

Have you brought any new makeup purchases recently? Have you brought or tried any of these products? Recommend something for me to try if there's something you're loving at the moment.

Laura xx


  1. Love this!
    Also I nominated you for the Liebster Award!! I hope you can
    answer the questions here :
    I would LOVE to read them :)


    1. Thank you, Amelia. I can't view your blog though?
      Laura x

  2. Thank you!! I would nominate back, but I'm not sure I could pick out 11 blogs to nominate... : ( xx


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