Friday, 5 July 2013

Bargain Priced Office Shoes on eBay

 Thought I'd let you all in on this as I think it's amazing...

On eBay, Office have an online store which sells out of stock or slight seconds.

I picked up these gorgeous, bang on trend and perfect for summer wedges for only £14!! That included p&p, the shoes ended up costing me only £10.50 after outbidding someone else and winning the auction. I love that they have auction style so you can bid with other members rather than them just having buy it now prices. This way, I feel I can pick up more bargains, like these.

I think the RRP was around £45 and all that is wrong with them if you can see from the 2nd photo below, is that the sewing on the strap hasn't quite been secure enough and it's come away - you can't see this when you're wearing them and Office pointed this out and detailed all the problems in the listing.

What do you think? Have you ever brought anything from Office on eBay? Do you have any discounted stores that you shop at? Leave a comment.


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