Monday, 24 June 2013

Wishlist - Skin care & Make up

MAC Mineralise Blush in shade 'gentle' - £19

I've seen this on a lot of blogs and it gives a gorgeous colour on the cheeks. With my pale skin, I think this would suit me really well. 

 Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Face Lotion £46 for 50ml

I've tried this product on in store, just over the top of my makeup as my skin felt taught and lacking moisture. I really, really liked the feel of it on my skin and I felt it penetrated my skin deep down. I'd love to try it on my actual bare skin. My skin is very up and down at the moment, always having a paddy if I put certain products on it. I spoke to the Origins lady who said the Mega Mushroom range is great for people with sensitive or acne prone skin and that it shouldn't upset it.

Not really sure why this is on my wishlist! I think I've read so much about it on blog and when it was limited edition (I think), it sold out like crazy. So, I just want to try it to see what all the hype is about! Plus, it looks nice and sounds great.

 Smashbox Halo Powder in light £39

I now own this product and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

This sounds amazing and the reviews are pretty good. I've seen this also on a few blog and I'm impressed with what I've read. Hopefully, it'll help my moisturiser to be absorbed better and smooth over enlarged pores and help with any blemishes.

I used to use this year ago and remember how I loved the texture and the way it made my skin feel. I feel that the only way to keep skin looking as young as possible is to use an SPF everyday, not just when you're in the sun and on holiday. The rays can still penetrate through clouds and will still effect your skin. I really want to start using this again before it's too late. 

Recently I've started to see more freckles and dark spots on my face, so worried that my skin will start aging   soon : (

I LOVE this concealer. After trying way too many concealers to mention, this product is fantastic at coverage without that sitting in fine lines or drawing attention to the blemish you're trying to cover. At £17, it's not cheap, but will last a loonnggg time as you only need the tiniest bit.

Having fine, flat hair that gets greasy very quickly, I've added this to my wishlist in the hope it won't weight it down and make it greasy. I've tried so many products in the past to try and give my hair a volume boost, but haven't ever found something that give me volume without greasy or that horrible crunchy mousse like feeling. My fingers are crossed. I will hopefully be ordering it soon.

This is something I want to try purely on what Origins say about it. I'm hoping it will clear my clogged up pores without dehydrating my skin even further. It sounds lovely and I like the idea of using charcoal. I love Origins products and trust them as a brand. Hopefully this will live up to the description on their website.

What's on your wishlist? What else shall I add to my wishlist? Can you recommend anything? Leave me a link to your blog and I'll check out your favourite products.

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