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What’s in your handbag? From

What's in your handbag?

Moneysupermarket have been asking bloggers what's in their handbags so that they can see what the 'average' handbag contains. You can take part by clicking this link : ) 

As a student, I'm not sure whether my handbag will contain the 'average' amount of goodies, but thinking about the amount of lipsticks I seem to carry, maybe it will!

My handbag came from House of Fraser many, many years ago. It is real leather and cost around £120. I haven't really looked after it very well and didn't use any protector etc until recent years. The leather has worn in different areas, making the bag different shades of brown. The buckles have also started to tarnish - I'm not sure how to stop this?

Here is the contents of my bag. It's always so full and overflowing! When I open my bag, things often fall out. I keep valuable items such as item number five, my ipod and item number three, my car keys in a zip pocket inside.

Lets add this up:

One - real leather look-alike Mulberry purse - around £40 (Contents - £68.30)
Two - Work key and locker key - irreplaceable and in big trouble if lost!
Three - Car key - I've googled this and prices come back around £200+++
Four - Hairbrush - £1
Five - iPod Nano - £129 at Tesco
Six - Hairgrips - £1.49 from Boots
Seven - Smashbox Primer Sample - £5.89 based on a full size product
Eight - Mobile - £100 is what this cost brand new in April 2012
Nine - House keys - irreplaceable and in big trouble if lost! Changing of locks etc £100+
Ten - Estee Lauder High Gloss & Double Wear Lip Duo - £36
Eleven - Carmex Lipbalm x two - £5.38 at Boots
Twelve - MAC Lipgloss in Pink Poodle - £13.50
Thirteen - MAC Select Cover Up NW20 - £14.50
Fourteen - Chanel Lipstick x 3 and MAC ProLongwear lipstick - £89!!!!!!
Bag - House of Fraser - £120

TOTAL = £924.06

OMG!!! This has surprised and shocked me. This does include replacement car key and door keys though/changing the locks on front and back door.

Shades from l-r
Rouge Allure 42 Admirable
Rouge Hydrabase 41 Sahara Beige
Rouge Hydrabase 48 English Rose
Pro Longwear A50 Love for Love (can't quite read this as it's worn off, so it's a guess)

Here are the lipsticks. Who would have realised Chanel lipsticks are £25 a piece! They're always gifts from friends/family or things I randomly pick up in Boots without realising the cost. I don't think MAC make the Pro Longwear in a stick like this anymore - I've had this for a few years and it's my staple going out and staying put lipstick. Whenever I wear it, I always seem to attract men!! Not bad eh?!

MAC Lipgloss in Pink Poodle
Carmex x two as you never know when you'll run out!
Double Wear Stay-in Place Lip Duo 07 Constant Coral - a gorgeous corally red. Stays put really well but very drying on your lips (hence the need for so much Carmex!)
High Gloss Ultra Brilliance 01 clear - a gooey but hydrating clear gloss

Inside here the contents is worth over £68.30
£15 Capital Bond Vouchers
£15 Boots Vouchers
£20 Arcadia Card
20 Euro = Around £15
£3.30 in cash

Various other goodies like stamps, Boots Advantage Card which has around £8 in points on it, Boost Loyalty Card which has a free Boost Juice on, Nandos Loyalty Card (almost up to that free whole chicken!), student card, works discount card and Nectar Card with around £5 of points on it.

Oh my gosh, I am totally shocked at what my handbag actually contains. Who would have thought I was carrying around almost £1000 of things on my shoulder. Never mind other things like my watch, earrings, pandora bracelet, extra cash, camera etc. I still can't get over than Chanel lipsticks cost £25 each!!! I have over £100 of lipsticks and glosses in my handbag?!!!


Post a link if you've taken part in this. I love seeing what other people have in their handbags.

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