Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shopping Haul - Primark, Next, Boden, H&M, New Look

Photo heavy shopping haul!!

Shoes - Primark
I think these were around £6. As you can see from the insides, I've worn these quite a few times since buying them. I just needed some really cheap and cheerful flats as normally I live in boots. Now the weather's perking up though, I decided boots were not really convenient, so I went a bit mad and brought a few pairs of different Primark shoes!

Shoes - Primark £6

Again, these were around the bargain price of £6. The insoles were £1.50 and stick in. I thought they might make the shoes a bit comfier as the soles are really flat and thin meaning you can feel everything you tread on. They worked for a few days, but now the insoles are squashed down and don't really do anything other than making my shoes look pretty inside!

Shoes - Primark
I've not worn these yet. I think they were less than the other two pairs, maybe £4? I couldn't resist a pair of red flats as they always come in handy. Even if I only wear them a couple of times, for £4 you can't really go wrong. Even though I'm sort of against throw away fashion, when money is tight, there's no other option.

Sunglasses - Primark £2

No idea how great the protection of these cheap sunglasses are, but they look cool and I do feel I'm not squinting as much. For the bargain price of £2 I couldn't resist.

Sunglasses - Primark £1

Oh my gosh, £1 for a pair of sunglasses? It does make me worry where these types of things are being produced and how much the people producing them are getting : (

Blouse - Primark £9

I haven't worn this yet, but thought it was really cute and would pair it with a statement necklace tucked under the collar. I'm not really a blouse / shirt wearer, but decided to give it a go and try something new for a change.

Jeans - Primark £11

Who'd of thought that Selfridges would stock Primark? Nope, I was shocked when I went in shopping there in London. I picked up these Primark super skinny jeans in Selfridges!! They were wrapped in tissue paper and given to me in a gorgeous Selfridges bag. WOW!! I have these in black too and they are sooo comfortable and wash pretty well. Very similar to the Topshop Leigh jeans, but a lot cheaper. And when you're on a budget, cheap is always good!

Shoes - Next £28 - Geisha Wedges

I've been after some almost flat wedges now for a while. Something very plain that I can wear dressed up or down. These are SOOO comfy, but make sure you go down one size as they're wide fitting. Usually I'm a size 6 and had to get these in a size 5. They are so easy to walk in and make my legs look a lot longer than they are because of the wedge. I had £16 left on a gift card, so only paid £12 for them. Bargain!

Jumper - Johnnie B / Boden - in the sale £19.60

I love Johnnie B at Boden (it's the kids range but age 15 - 16 yrs is around a size 10). In winter I live in jumpers and knit wear, so I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of this. I love the specks of colour running through the jumper - makes it a bit different to the standard cream. It's beautifully finished as with all Boden products.

Blouse/Shirt - H&M £7.99

Couldn't believe this was only £7.99!! It goes perfectly with the new grey skinny jeans from Primark. It's quite sheer, however, so needs a white or cream cami underneath. Great product for the price and versatile with many different coloured bottoms or tucked into a skirt.

T-Shirts - New Look - £8.99 each

I need something easy that I can just throw on in the morning with some jeans that doesn't need a lot of thought. These are perfect for that, so easy to wash and dry without needing an iron over them. One thing I don't like is the huge gaping neck line. If I bend over, you can see straight down my top, so I often need to pair them with a cami.

 Top - H&M - Around £8.99

I'm loving H&M at the moment for really nice, throw on with anything tops. This is cute, ideal for a pub lunch, meeting a friend for a coffee or for a shopping trip into town. The colour is most true to the second photo.

Leave a comment and let me know whether you've recently brought anything nice that you think I should check out! Or leave me a link to your blog so I can check out your recent haul.


  1. lovely haul! i need to pick up a few pairs of primark shoes - like you, i live in boots and need some cheap flats to tide me over the summer. a pair of brogues would be nice, i'll have to look for them next time i pop in!

  2. Thank you! I was really pleased with the bits I brought. The Primark shoes are great, but I always find Primark touch and go - it really depends what day you go in : )
    Laura xx

  3. Looks like you had a great time shopping! I love the studded flats.

    xx Bo


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