Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Poorly Skin from Boots Protect and Perfect

I usually love No 7 products. Their face wipes are ACE, so is their Protect and Perfect Serum and Night cream. And their eye makeup remover is on par with ones over double the price.

Seeing as I'd used other products from the range, I decided, now I'm 26, I should probably be using a more industrial face cream (even though I apparently still look 18).

Protect and Perfect Day Cream - £22 from Boots

Unfortunately, as much as I liked using the product, nice consistency, sat well on my skin and under makeup,  it broke me out in a bad rash - little pimples under my skin which were hot to the touch and itched. They were particularly bad on my skin and forehead - cheeks were generally okay. Here's a disgusting photo:

My skin usually hacks anything. (I'm using some Salicylic Acid 10% at the moment and have previously been on Roaccutane). But just recently, certain creams are doing this to me. Since I stopped using the cream, the rash died down and went away. It has not come back since, but now I'm scared about changing my moisturiser. I have a few lined up to use.

Has anyone had this reaction before? Could it be the SPF in the product? Any particular ingredients to look out for?

At the moment, I'm just using a simple, cheap Garnier Essentials Hydrating Day Cream which is fine. Doesn't have an SPF though. Hmmm... Any recommendations from people will be welcomed - nothing too expensive though on my student budget!

Laura xx

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