Thursday, 27 June 2013

June's Primark Haul - Nottingham

I'm a little later posting this, but last weekend I went on a bit of a crazy shopping haul in Primark and spent over £55!! I started a new job on Monday, so needed some new cheap t-shirts which I could throw on with some jeans and chuck away at the end of the 9 week role, or recycle as rags in my dad's garage!

So here goes the Primark haul...

Belt - £2.50
I have some of those silly jeans that always fall down, so a cheap belt was what I needed. I brought one from Next the other week for £16.50, but took it back because it was too big.

Jumper - £8
I thought this jumper looked like quite good quality for a Primark jumper. In the flesh, it's very well made and feels nice too. They had it in a white/cream and a bright blue (sort of a bright navy), but I thought this looked the best and most expensive out of the three colours. I'm stocking up on jumpers now ready for the winter. I always think there's less need for them in the summer so they're always in the sale, or they have plenty left in my size.

T-shirt - £2.50
I've started my new summer job now, so need some tshirts to throw on under a jumper or cardigan that are cheap and that I can throw away after the nine weeks on working. These were an absolute bargain and have the cute pocket detailing on them. I went for a 12 as the 10 looked really small and I hate t-shirts clinging around my stomach. These are from the 'Love my pocket tee' range.

T-shirt £2.50
As above.

T-Shirt - £2.50
As above

T-Shirt - £2.50
As above.

T-Shirt - £4.00
I have no idea why the speckled t-shirt was £1.50 more expensive. It's pretty much the same as the I love my pocket tee but the sizes seemed a lot bigger, so I opted for a size 10. This is from the 'Love my speckled tee' range.

Jumper Top - £5
This looks like a fine knitted jumper. The photo doesn't show the material so well. This is nice just to throw on with a pair of black jeans to nip into town for a coffee or for a pub lunch with my friend.

Pumps/Trainers - £6
For my new job, I was also told to wear trainers. I'm not a trainer wearing person, even though I do quite like some of the new Nike trainers/pumps (I have no idea what these are called?!) My brother has a pair, but his feet are around a size 11, too big for me to steal! I didn't want to spend £40-£60 on a pair of trainers before I'd got my first pay cheque through, so £6 was all I could really afford. They'll probably get thrown away after the nine weeks of working anyway.

Ultra Soft Super Skinny Jeans in Black - £11
This is the 3rd pair of these I have brought! I now own two pairs of the black and one grey pair. I'm obsessed with comfortable fitting jeans that you don't need a belt with that stay in place and wash well. These are the answer to all my jean related prayers! (Other than the Leigh jeans from Topshop).

Ultra Soft Super Skinny Jeans in khaki green - £11
I've been desperate for a pair of khaki green skinny jeans for around a year now. I love the jeggings too from Dorothy Perkins and tried to get my hands on a pair of their khaki green ones, but they sold out. I did buy two pairs of their black ones though as again, they're so comfortable. I was browsing (and shopping) in Primark and saw these at the back of the rack behind some other jeans. My goodness, I couldn't believe I'd finally found a pair of khaki green jeans and in a fit and style that I love. Amazing!

What do you think of the items I purchased? Have you brought anything from Primark recently?

Laura xx

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