Sunday, 30 June 2013

June's Empties

What have I used up in June? I've been trying really hard this month to use things up. My collection of products - makeup, skin care, body care etc is growing and growing and I keep buying more and more which is a complete waste! This mainly happens because I start using something and end up not really liking it, so I leave it in a draw somewhere. This usually means I end up with draws full of different products!

I got sent this from BzzAgent to test and review. I can't say this is something I would repurchase. It was nourishing enough for my dry skin. Should my skin have been less dry, this would have worked a treat.

This was one of those I don't have a lot of money but have ran out of moisturiser purchases. It actually turned out to be pretty good and a great base for my makeup and foundation. It was fairly hydrating without being too rich and making my makeup slide off my face. I would probably repurchase this if it was on offer.

I get through a tube of this almost every month. This looks horrible and very dirty because it's been thrown around a variety of different handbags!

I received this in a No 7 set at Christmas and wasn't really too sure what to do with it! It said it was for elbows, feet and dry areas of skin. Seeing as most of the skin on my body is dry, I just slathered it on all over. It didn't really smell of anything and was a bit like a very rich body butter in consistency. It did add moisture to my skin, but I felt as though it sat on top and didn't nourish deeper layers. I would not repurchase this.

This was another product that came in a Botanics set at Christmas. I'm always weary of new face creams because a lot seem to break me out at the moment, but this was amazing! Very, very good although not quite hydrating enough so I always made sure I used a decent hydrating primer underneath. I'm not sure if it brightened my skin, but it certainly made it feel amazing. This is something I will certainly repurchase.

I brought this at the airport in New Zealand as I needed something hydrating for my horrible dry and dehydrated skin. I remembered that the Clarins face oils were nice and I had used them before, so was confident they wouldn't break me out. I've enjoyed using this oil, especially the smell. There is a tiny amount left in the bottom which I'll use up over the next few days. I was surprised how long this lasted. I was using it every night for around 3 - 4 months. The smell takes me back to my time in New Zealand and The Cook Islands.

This is probably one of my all time favourite body lotions for my horrible dry skin, but I just can't get my head around the smell. It smells quite nutty and personally, the smell is one of those that make me go, urghh! But, it's a brilliant moisturiser, especially for the backs of my arms and my legs. It sinks in easily and gives lots of hydration. I may repurchase this, but at the moment, I've moved onto Double Base which is designed for skin conditions.

Soap and Glory is lovely - I adore their products and their scent. The hydrating hand cream was fairly hydrating and nourishing, but without leaving that horrible film on your hands which I get from Neutrogena and Dove. It's also a huge 125ml tube. I've had to cut the top off though as I couldn't get the last few bits out. Smells amazing too, just like other Soap and Glory products.

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