Monday, 10 June 2013

Fake Tanning - Become a Bronzed Goddess!

The sun is out! Who doesn't want to look goregously sunkissed in those sexy shorts?! I am very pale, MAC NC15 pale! So I like to use a bit of fake tan once the weather picks up to give my skin a boost.
This is one of the best fake tans I've tried in a long time, it's just a cheap own brand from Superdrug - Solait Dry Mist Bronzing Spray. On offer at £4.61 at the moment. The bottle I brought said 'dark' on it, although there doesn't seem to be this option online and it terrified me at the time. After generously spraying it all over my upper body, I awoke to look not dark at all. Just a nice, I've been in the sun for a few days look. I was surprised how good and natural it looked. It's easy to spray and control and left a nice colour on the skin so you could see where it had been sprayed.

Before you fake tan, it's recommended that you exfoliate and moisturise. I suffer from extreme dry skin, so exfoliation is a must.

When it comes to exfoliating, the best thing in the world is the Sanctuary Spa Professional Micro-Dermabrasion Body Renewal. IT IS AMAZING!!! Those silly little bumps you get (I get) on the back of your arms, this gets rid of them. It also doesn't leave any residue on your skin, so it's perfect to use before the fake tan. The only thing is, my local Boots don't stock it.

TIP for using this product - little is more. You only need a two pence sized blob on each arm to successfully exfoliate. Any more than this, you get too much of the product on this skin and it doesn't exfoliate as well. It's used on dry skin before your shower. It's easy, simple and actually works. It's on 3 for 2 at the moment at Boots.

Any tips for applying fake tan? Have you tried any amazing, can't live without products? What do people think of the St Moritz fake tan? I've tried it before (years ago) and was wondering whether it was worth me switching from the Superdrug one?

I will have to post some photos up of my golden brown skin soon!

Have a lovely week.

Laura xx

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