Wednesday, 17 April 2013

E45 Body Lotion

I'm a Bzz Agent and was sent this product to test for free. I also get sent lots of other exciting products to trial, test and give my REAL opinion on.

I usually use double base as I suffer from very, very dry skin. I found the lotion very light weight, unlike what I'm used to using and this worried me that it wouldn't moisturise my skin as well, but it did! I found it very nourishing and hydrating, my skin felt and looked lovely the following day, just as nourished as using my double base cream gel.

It's easy to open the lid, pour the product out (doesn't need any crazy shaking!) and it's very easy to rub into your skin. Some body lotions, with too much rubbing in, leave my skin bitty and the product almost seems to rub off, but this one doesn't.

My only niggle with this product is that because it's so watery, it took ages to sink into my skin. I usually prefer a heavier and thicker cream, as find you can put more on and they absorb quicker, but this one from E45 just sort of sat on my skin for ages and my skin felt wet, like I still hadn't dried myself from my shower. I don't usually have time to start waiting for things to dry/sink in, so this would put me off buying again.

I'll also be testing and reviewing their new E45 Nourish and Restore Body Lotion soon.

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