Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pandora £250 Blogger Challenge

The Pandora £250 Blogger Challenge from John Greed Jewellery

Want to get involved and win your ultimate Pandora Charm Bracelet? Simply follow these instructions:

  • Go to John Greed Jewellery's Pandora collection
  • Create your dream Pandora Charm Bracelet - using any number of Pandora charms and bracelet - the more stylish/creative/personal the better! The only rule is that it can't be over £250!
  • Blog about your chosen charm bracelet - remember, aim to get it as close to £250 as you can!
  • Use the Twitter and/or Facebook button below to let the world know that you're in the competition
  • Leave us a comment with a link to your finished blog article and name.

  • WOW!!! I HAD to take part in this as a Pandora Charm Bracelet has been on my wishlist for a while now, but as a student, I haven't had the money to treat myself to one :

    I'd start off with the Pandora Oxidised Silver Starter Bracelet 59702OX - £45. I like this because it's a bit different to the usual locking clips ones that seem to trend. I love the lobster clasp and think it stands out, making it original.

    Showing off my colourful personality and style!

    As as budding Agricultural student, this Pandora Silver Daisy the Cow Charm 790565 - £30, sums me up perfectly!! I have a huge love for cows and this has to be my favourite charm. My friends all laugh at my love for cows and livestock, but where would we be in the world without them.

    Milly and I in Australia : )

    One of my lessons on my BTEC course which will hopefully allow me to continue onto my Agricultural degree!

    I brought this charm, Pandora Silver and White Mother of Pearl Love Me Charm 790398MPW - £50 for my friend for her birthday earlier in the year and I still love it more than ever. I think the mother of pearl sets off the charm beautifully, without being too over the top. It will match perfectly with anything you wear and won't ever clash.

    This Pandora Silver Sea Shell Charm 790972, £25 - takes me back to the three weeks I spent in the Cook Islands, volunteering for the Esther Honey Foundation. It is three weeks of my life that I will never forget, the experience could never be replicated and I learnt so much in such a short time.

    Cuddles with Louie in the Cook Islands at the Ester Honey Foundation

    More cuddles with Raina!

    I've added a tiny splash of colour to my bracelet with the Pandora Grey and White Heart Murano Glass Charm 790666, £30 - but want to keep the bracelet quite monotone so that it will match with my vivid style and the bright colours I love to wear. I think this glass charm is classy, cute and will break up the other charms.

    After spending 12 months in Australia, how could I NOT add the Pandora Silver Kangaroo with Baby Charm 790534, £20 - to my Pandora bracelet? It's gorgeous, extremely cute and reminds me of the fantastic 12 months I spent in Aus which completely changed my life, outlook and future goals.

    Some of the wonderful friends I made in Australia : )

    And I'm going to finish with:

    I've chosen this charm, Pandora Silver and 14ct Gold Love and Hugs Charm 790430 - £50, because at the end of the day, Love and Hugs are all you ever need and are priceless actions that no amount of money can buy : )

    Family time!

    So, that's my  ultimate Pandora Charm Bracelet. Filled full of memories which to me, is what Pandora is all about. And it falls at exactly £250!

    Good luck guys! Let me know if you enter too : )

    Laura xxx

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