Thursday, 6 September 2012

Student Discount

I start studying two weeks today! At 25, as a mature student, I feel a little apprehensive about going back to study. Especially knowing that I'll be surrounded by lots of little, giddy 16 year olds. I've been through that 16 year old stage and I'm over it. I'm not interested in their giggles, not being friends with x, y and z because they're not wearing this seasons hot pants from Topshop, or low and behold, they actually have a backpack, sitting at the back of the class, rolling their eyes at the teacher! Once you're 16, you can choose to continue your education in the UK, so if they don't want to be there, move on!

Anyway, now I've stereotyped the typical 16 year old for you, I think I'll move on!!

I'm very excited about my course, meeting other similar people to myself, going out a bit more, drinking a bit more, partying a bit more! But seriously, I'm going to be terrified in two weeks time. Sat on my 90 minute journey into our 'rural' world...

One thing I'm going to LOVE about being a student again is Student Discount, wahoooo!! I had an email through from Topshop this morning mentioning My Uni Days

Basically, you register your details with them, log into your college or Uni portal to confirm you're a student and away you go with your discounts. Sounds pretty simple to me, and no need to wait until I start in two weeks time for my NUS card ect.

Here is a screen shot of my portal when I log in.

Limited retailers at the moment, but I really think that this will take off! Includes Asos and Topshop - my two favourites!

Go check it out and let me know what you think.