Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Body Shop Vitamin E Oil

With my Body Shop Groupon Vouchers, I picked up one of their Vitamin E Oils as after reading their website, it had really good reviews.
I suffer from normal/dry skin on my face (after my course of roaccutane) and have to moisturise every day and night, otherwise I get horrible dry patches and my skin feels taught.

I've been using this for over 2 weeks now, just in the evening. When I first tried it, I was overwhelmed by the lovely smell. It is just gorgeous; a mix of all the beautiful oils that are in this little glass bottle.

I was very surprised to find that it contained lots of other oils and ingredients alongside the vitamin e oil, although smelling it, I realised it couldn't just be pure vitamin e oil as I have a bottle of this from Holland and Barrett and it does not smell as good as this!

You need to use a few drops to cover your face, so I think the 15ml bottle will last quite a while. When applying the product, it applied really well without much bother or need to really rub it in. I was very impressed that it didn't leave my skin feeling too greasy and it sank into my skin quite quickly without any residue.
What I liked most about this product was how my skin felt in the morning. It was super, super soft and felt very moisturised. I don't get that from my regular moisturiser, even though it's for dry skin.

I tried successfully and unsuccessfully to use the product under my makeup! After spending the day at a spa, I used a tiny amount on my cheeks as my skin felt very dry. I left it around 5 minutes of soak in and my foundation went on with ease and I did not find a greasy residue was left. This morning after a hot shower (too hot!) my face was blotchy and dry. I used too much and have ended up with minimal foundation and blusher on all day today; it just slid off my face, or wiped off throughout the day. So the key is if I'm using it in the morning, to only use a small amount! Will serve me right.

The vitamin e oil can be purchased for £10, which I feel is a decent amount for a very good and lovely smelling product.

Laura x

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