Thursday, 4 February 2010

Birthday outfit

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! 23 today :-)

Teaming with black skinny jeans and gold accessories!! Off to a really, really nice restaurant later for a meal (3 course baby - let's pile on those pounds it's my birthday!!) and for a few drinks afterwards. Lovely stuff :-)

Just waiting for Stacey to come and do my nails (gel), then my friend Sam's coming over, might cook lunch if she's lucky! After that, I'm going to nip to our local boots to pick up a comb as mine snapped and some false eyelashes.

I went to see my friend and her week old baby, Maisie last night - she's gorgeous. Sooo broody! Can't wait to have children myself.

Might blog in a bit seeing as I have some spare time on my hands today.

Laura xx


  1. Where is that top from because I am in love!!?!


  2. It's from Tesco!! It was only £12 - what a bargain! x


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