Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Vaseline Sheer Infusion

I've recently been working with Vaseline and testing one of their new moisturisers "Sheer Infusion". As you all know from previous posts, I suffer with very, very dry, peeling skin on my arms, legs and back but am also prone to breakouts so have to becareful what I use. Because the "Sheer Infusion" Moisturiser delivers twice as much moisture as the previous brand I've been using (Dove), I've found that my skin is a lot smoother and softer and with no nasty breakouts as these are especially bad on my back and chest :-( I'm actually contemplating that the Vaseline "Sheer Infusion" has soothed my skin and minimised any breakouts - maybe my skin is just lacking moisture which is why it breaks out?

Anyway, I've been using it every morning after I've showered for the last two days and found it's improved the texture of my skin. Some creams that are suitable for dry skin that are really moisturising take a long time to sink into your skin, therefore they just sort of sit on top - not great when you're in a hurry in the morning, but Vaseline's "Sheer Infusion" is really easy to apply and sinks into the skin pretty quickly, still leaving me with plenty of moisture.

I've attached a photo of how my skin looked before I applied "Sheer Infusions" (horrible, bumpy, scaly and red) and hope to follow this up with a another Blog post on Saturday / Sunday time. I might even try a video as I've recently been hooked to the You Tube Beauty Reviews, so might give one a whirl myself!

The "Sheer Infusion" is launched in the UK on 1st February.

Laura xx


  1. Do you have a shower filter? I've heard great reviews and thinking of getting one myself.

  2. Hiya, nope I haven't heard of one of these before. What do they do? I'm intrigued :-)

    Laura x


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