Sunday, 31 January 2010

Vaseline "Sheer Infusion" - 1 week update

Hi all, just a quick update on the "Sheer Infusion" Vaseline Body Lotion that i've been testing while working with Vaseline.

Here's a photo of my leg after a week. The red bumps are gone, my skin is so smoother and softer and I'm much happier :-) (just need to sort the skin out on my face now... It's looking horrible and really angry, owch)

I really am impressed with the results - and it's not brought my out in any breakouts on my back or chest either. Think this will be added to my HG list. Actually, that might be my next blog post - watch out!!!

The Vaseline Sheer Infusion comes out tomorrow (in the UK) - I've already received an email through from Boots advsertising the product!

Off to IKEA now to pick up some fabric - i'm making PJ bottoms!!

Laura xx


  1. Oooh, good to know. I'm always looking for new lotions. As for your face - I've been using 'Purpose' facial cleaner for about a year now as was recommended by my derm. And I'm really happy with it. It's gentle, non-irretating, reasonably priced, and it doesn't dry out my face even in the winter!


  2. Hiya! Thanks for your comment. Yes the Vaseline is working really well and not brought me out in any spots which is good.

    Oh, thanks for that - I shall check out the facial cleanser you recommended and try and purchase some. Recomendations are always the best :-)

    Laura x


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