Sunday, 17 January 2010


Okay, my rant from the other night is over... I'm happy again :-) My stomach is relatively flat again today so I'm trying to work out what I eat during the week which bloats me, which I don't eat at the weekend. So far, I can only think of tea?! It can't be the milk in the tea either because I made a hot chocolate yesterday with milk in? Strange... The other thing it could be is stress, because I do run around like a headless chicken talking to Regional Leads about funding issues with the DoH which I don't even really understand!! But I just get left to it, to hold the fort. So I get on with it. But do get stressed, hence the bloated, seriously uncomfortable belly? Who knows.

Anyway, onto the post. I've been reading about Weekend Detoxs after reading people's blog posts about them going ahead with the Detox to try and cleanse their system. I found a really good weekend one which involves eating home made vegetable soup for lunch along with drinking various vitamins and eating salad for tea with home made dressing. It doesn't sound too bad at all, really manageable. Especially in a weekend.

I also read about David Kirschwellness Lemonaid 48 hour Detox. (Via Amy's blog) Which again, sounds very good and manageable.

With regards to the Detox, I've also been reading up on Vitamins & Minerals etc which I could take to help me (I briefly mentioned in ranting post!) Anyway, here is my list:

Flaxseed (Linseed) Oil - 500 milligrams two times every day is what I have been advised. Flaxseed Oil is very high in omega-3, great for your bones, can help your digestive system and helps combat constipation which is a big problem with endo. It helps promote the production of good bacteria in the intestines which is what can cause the bloatedness. I've also read that it will help to increase your energy levels! Sounds great!

Aloe Vera Colon Cleanse - Taken from here: 'Aloe’s great benefits in treating various health ailments. Aloe’s one of the prime benefits is to cleanse the colon effectively without any harmful or unwanted effects. Aloe contains ample amount of Vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that can help removing toxins from the body, especially from the intestines. The herb, in any form, can relieve from abdominal cramps and can rejuvenate the entire gastrointestinal tract.' All of this sounds good. I just hope it doesn't act too much like a laxative!!

Acai Berry Capsules (500mg) - These are supposed to be miracle tablets!! They contain VERY high levels of powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. People who are trying to loose weight take them to increase their metabolism. Overall, the health benefits sound fab!

Probiotics - Naturally help rebuild the good bacteria in the intestines and bring the body back into balance. Hopefully they'll help with the horrible bloatedness and aim to get me back on track. I've taken them before, for around 3 months and felt so much better, but when I ran out, I forgot to stock back up again.

Vitamin E - 400 IU two times daily. Vitamin E helps to fight toxins in your body. I need to ensure that I don't overdose myself on Vitamin E. The maximum daily recommended dose is less the 1000 IU per day, otherwise it can have the opposite effect on your body and cause it to create toxins.

Vitamin C - 1000 mg thrice daily. Helps to increase your immune system and fight against viruses.

Milk Thistle Capsules - Milk thistle helps to cleanse the liver (so are great for people who drink a lot of alcohol!) The liver stores excess estrogen, and the Milk Thistle will help to break down this and flush it out of the body. For people with endometriosis, Estrogen is a bad thing to have as it feeds the endo and causes it to increase. One website states: Some milk thistle clinical trials show that milk thistle benefits may include reducing inflammation, decreasing excessive skin cell growth and helping treat endometriosis.

I've been reading an awful lot about Chinese medicine and basically they believe that endometriosis is started because of a poor functioning liver. I've taken this extract from

'Traditional Chinese and Oriental medicine has a different understanding and approach to the cause of endometriosis – but one which fits the current scientific knowledge and would fill in many of the gaps in scientists’ theories. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, endometriosis is classified as a liver disorder and associated with liver stagnation. In every woman with endometriosis the underlying cause for this liver blood stagnation may be slightly different but the outcome is similar.

Recent studies have supported this theory and implicated chronic exposure to dioxins (an environmental pollutant) to both liver health and endometriosis independently. Unfortunately, for women living a modern lifestyle, avoiding these dioxins would be very difficult as they are found in a large proportion of all fish, meat and dairy products produced for human consumption. A compromised liver would also play a part in weakening the immune system – once again a factor implicated in endometriosis.

Eating foods that are understood to be liver-weakening is also a problem of modern lifestyle and endometriosis. Refined foods, especially those containing wheat flour and sugar, deep fried foods, caffeine and ice-cold drinks, all compromise liver functioning and should be avoided by women in general, but particularly those with a predisposition to or past experience of endometriosis. Stress is also a big enemy of liver health and in Chinese medicine the liver is considered the most emotion-sensitive organ of the body.'

Hmm... anyway, on that note, I'm going to list a few things on eBay and make some lunch.

All images have been taken from Holland and Barrett which is where I will be purchasing most of my capsules from.


  1. Oh thanks for the link to my blog hun. Let us know how you get on. I do think planning my detox was a key to success.

    Amy x

  2. Having this alcohol detox thing will not just help the body get rid of the toxins but will as much improve one's quality of life in general. Noticeably nowadays, drinking became a part of lifestyle and socialization of the people and had became a pitfall for those who came to accept it as a way of life.


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