Sunday, 24 January 2010

Birthday Dress

I'm on the hunt for a dress to wear for one of my 4 birthday nights out!!

The first night out is a girly evening at my friends, prob with a Chinese as she's due to have a c-section next Wednesday :-D And won't be able to make it out for my actual birthday. This will be a jeans and jumper night. Something to chill out in.

The next night, it'll be my amazing £12 top from Tesco which is gorgeous and a bargain for £12! I'll be teaming this with black skinny jeans and my leopard print shoes. Gold accessories is a must to give it a bit of glitz. [Photo will be inserted asap!!]

Friday night is a Thai at my local with my lovely friend Heather, and her boyfriend Lawrence. They're coming up from Bournemouth. And she'll get to see my lovely new house :-) Can't wait to see her. This will involve jeans, a nice top (yet to purchase) and heels. Tart up my new hair a bit incase there's any fitties at the local (haha!!) and makeup to match.

The Saturday is my BIG night out, wooop! And I need a new dress. I don't have a lot of money, so budget is under £50 really. I did want something ridiculously over the top and sexy, but then, will I ever wear it again if it's crazy sparkly and cries birthday celebrations? So, I've been surfing the net for something a bit cute, and very me. I've found these:

I'm thinking my favourite one is the last one, for £16!!! Yes, £16. But knowing my luck, by Tuesday - Pay Day, they won't have any left in a size 12 :-( So my fingers are crossed. I think I'd wear it with silver bling and maybe some black stilettos, and tights depending on how short it is on me.

Hmmm, anyway. I'm going to keep surfing to see if I can find anything else.

Laura x

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  1. The last one is my fav as well. I'll cross my fingers thatyou get it!! ; ]


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