Saturday, 12 September 2009

MAC Studio Finish Foundation

I've just come to like my Mac Studio Finish Foundation in NC 20. When I've previously used it, (as before hand I've used a rubbish foundation with not a lot of coverage and had to trowel it on!!) I also slapped it on thickly wasting half a bottle :-( When I thickly spreaded it onto my skin, I could see the brush marks, it didn't cover well and just sat on the top of my skin like a mask.

Thank goodness I didn't give up on using it as I now love the stuff. For some reason, only the other day, I decided my skin was looking healthier after being on my antibiotics for around a month now, so I'd use a bit less. It's not the easiest stuff to get out of the bottle and have to give it a bit of a shake out onto the back of my hand, I used a tiny bit on the end of my foundation brush and used a patting motion to blend it into my skin. Oh wow! I was so surprised, it looked so much better, even though I'd used less. It blended in, it looked natural and my skin glowed. If I needed a bit more coverage, once the first coat had been applied, I just used a tiny bit more in those areas and patted over the top. Ta da!! Lovely skin for once :-)

I'm so happy with it now I don't think I'm going to bother (for the time being), trying anything else. I will at least finish the bottle for sure.

Hope you're all having a good weekend. Today I've been feeling :-( after going out last night and having too much to drink - causes bad endo pain and every time I wonder why I bothered drinking, it wasn't even like I had a good night. Oh well, hopefully have a better day tomorrow and manage to actually do something productive like mowing the lawns and listing things on ebay!
Laura x

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