Friday, 25 September 2009

Giorgio Armani - Remix

Giorgio Armani - Remix is one of my favourite perfumes, along with my huge Chanel collection (which seems to have all almost run out at the same time, booo).

I've managed to come across this website - Cheap Smells where I can pick up a huge 100ml bottle of the Eau de Parfum for £24.85 which includes delivery. WOW!!! The RRP is about £47.00 so saving over £20! I'm soo glad I didn't just go to Boots and pick this up.
Anyway, I'm happy :-) (apart from my cold and feeling under the weather).
1. It's Friday
2. I have 1 week left in my rubbish, horrible old job
3. I start my dress making course tomorrow
4. I'm seeing my friend's daughter Fraya tonight
5. I should be off out to the pub at lunch to meet my friend
6. I'm off to a body shop party tomorrow night
7. I get my tattoo done on Monday woooohoooo!!
Why are you happy?
Laura xx


  1. OH!is a super special it..thanks for the advice ;) have a great weekend!!

  2. Yeah it is a fab offer!! I was very excited when I found it :-) x


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