Thursday, 24 September 2009

Amie Spring Clean Clay Mask - Another under £5 bargain!!

This is my all time, favourite face mask ever! I had a couple of free samples sent to me through the post and I'm hooked.

I've always had pretty rubbish, grumpy, skin. I have to be careful what I use on it because it brings me out in spots. Especially face creams which are too rich.

Anyway, when my skins looking horrible, red & grumpy (I like that word!) I use this face mask and it just works wonders. My skin looks so much healthier, smoother, brighter - it looks like it's put the life back into it! It kind of tingles upon rinsing off, but a clean, fresh tingling, not a painful tingling. It almost feels as if my skin is being renewed and all the dirt and grime is being washed away. Any big, red spots are minimised and look less angry. It works very well if you have a big night out planned, as your skin looks managable afterwards. Plus, it won't break the bank as it's under £5.

It can be purchased at Boots, Superdrug & at Naturally Fabulous. I'm still waiting to get into town to check in my local Boots have started stocking the face mask yet. They've always stocked the other products in the range, but not the face mask. Will let you know on Sunday!

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